Triangle Box Envelope

I didn’t know what to call my latest project. It is a Box. It is an Envelope. It has Triangles. So I decided on Triangle Box Envelope, I figured it covered everything.

I’m not sure if these already exist on Pinterest or You Tube or Online, I haven’t had a look but this is my version.

150315 188 150315 205

This is the version I have created a video tutorial for. I have added the video on You Tube for you to check out. I had to shorten it to fit on You Tube so you might find you have to pause to read some of the instructions. I hope you enjoy it.

Find the You Tube Video HERE

Would love it if you left a comment or feedback here or on my Facebook page, all my details are at the beginning of the video. Enjoy!

Here are some more versions.

150315 201150315 195150315 199

Kind Regards

Vicki 🙂

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